Kanda college of foreign languages

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Chiyoda-ku 2-13-13 Uchinjida, Tokyo 101-8525,
Develop the capability for critical and logical expression in English In this department we think of English as a communication tool. Using English, comprehend, analyze, gather your thoughts and announce. We will foster the skills required to do this. At the same time, you will acquire a wide-ranging education on topics necessary for communication, including the history, society and regional issues of English-speaking areas. Refine your command of English in a practical way This program, established in response to demand from those who expressed ambition towards a career in interpreting and translation, will provide practical skills. You will not only study language, but also acquire the broad knowledge and education required for interpreting and translating. Premier movie subtitle translator, Toda Natsuko, presents a special lecture as a visiting professor.

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