MBI School

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Coop Echourouk N°8 cité Berarma, Setif
Alger Algeria

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MBI binds efficiency and modernity with an exceptionally beautiful design. A true masterpiece done by an architect who knew sétifien connect art knowledge. The MBI Institute owns an important and magnificent infrastructure that is spread over an area of ​​two hundred and twenty thousand (1220) square meters and equipped with central heating and air conditioning system. The whole building is connected by an intranet system and Wifi internet .The classrooms are equipped with an overhead projector (ceiling), a projection screen (electronic), a micro laptop, paper board, a connected telephone standard and a surveillance camera. MBI has eight classrooms (seven classrooms and a room of 120 students conferences), a free space for students and cafeteria of 120 m2, a position of welcomes and 7 administrative positions (2 offices), d a reading room and a library of over 300 books and a room equipped reprographic 4 modern machines. The institute has a large computer park (mint condition) 55 micro DELL brand computer with 15 laptops. The institute has two car services, and the total capacity of the institute is 300 students supervised by 35 consultants trainers (permanent and temporary staff) professionals (business executives) and academics (teachers).

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