University of Tarapacá

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Las Achiras, Iquique
Tarapaca (I) Chile

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By Decree-Law No. 150 of December 11, 1981 the Ministry of Education, the University of Tarapaca is created by merging the Institute of Professional Arica Arica headquarters of the Universidad del Norte (Annex IV). For academics and officials from the University of North, the news came as a surprise Arica, although the fact had a long incubation process. It was unexpected to come out into the open when talks with the Church did not come to term and without the university rectory had been meddling in the decision. He had a long incubation, because from the 60 Arica headquarters had been aiming to be independent of Antofagasta, as there were tensions between the two universities. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the church at any time renounced his rights to the headquarters, which always considered inseparable from Alma Mater, even in the distribution of state contributions.

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