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Now that you have finished your degree / course of study it is time to find a job. In the UniPupil platform you will be able to search for jobs, link to hiring companies and understand skill needs in your country. If you are just starting your search for degrees this is also a good place to start looking at research on careers of the future.

  • Where do you start to look for jobs?

  • How do you find out what companies are hiring for?

  • How do you find out what skills countries need in the future?

You will be able to search for jobs to utilize your new skills/knowledge. We will have a place for you to search your dream job, link to recruiters, and chat with companies.

In the future, you will see more information about key skill gaps in various countries and/or companies to help drive your decision on your career and job choices. We will assist you in making long-term decisions based on the future job market.

We will be able to share with you emerging and declining skills to help you with your career decisions.

Coming Soon