Yonezawa Womens Junior College

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Yonezawa Women's Junior College 6 Chome-15-1 Torimachi, Yonezawa 992-0025,
Yamagata Japan
Yonezawa Women's Junior College (山形県立米沢女子短期大学 Yamagata-kenritsu yonezawa joshi tanki daigaku) is a private junior women's college in Yonezawa, Yamagata, Japan, established in 1952. This college was founded after the Second World War as a research institution with the purposes of raising the general educational level of women and researching actually needed liberal arts, and to cultivate promising students for the development of the community. The mission of the college is to respond to the needs of the community and contribute to its development through education and research, and to cultivate individuals who having mastered academic and specialized knowledge can make a contribution to society. The mission of this college is to send out to society human resources who have specialized knowledge and skills backed by solid academic training, and the ability for creativity and challenge.

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