Wuhan Conservatory of Music

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Hubei China
Wuhan Conservatory of Music is special and professional for cultivated musical capability.It is one of important colleges among nine conservatories in China, which have own organization. It is an unique higher music eduaction college in central China. The conservatory has two campuses. One campus lies in 255 Jiefang Road Wuchang in Wuhan, it is the site of Two Lakes College which was founded by Zhang Zhidong. The other campus is in No.1 Zhang Zhidong Road by Changjiang River. The conservatory has 9 education units for 4-year studying, that is Composing, Musicology, Ethnic Musical Instruments, Piano, Orchestra, Vocal , Dance departments , Music Education faculty ,and Acting & Performing faculty. It has the postgraduate and Social Science faculties. It also has Adult Education unit,a middle school and a primary school attached Wuhan Conservatory of Music. There are 5 Bachelors for Composing and composing skill theory, Musicology (including Music Education), Recording Art, Music insturmental performing and Performing(dancing), concerning 19 majors. The conservatory is one of the earliest college which has authorized to confer master’s degrees in 1981. It is also one of the earliest college for some key subjects in 1991 in Hubei province. It is one of the first famous subject group. There are three postgraduate centers for Musicology(including all music majors),MFA(including all music inditing and performing majors),ideology and politics. The attached middle school got the title National Important Technical Secondary School. The Oriental Symphony Orchestra of Wuhan Conservatory of Music has held the concert with CCTV at the Musikverein Golden Hall in Vienna in 2001. There is also Chinese Music Instrument Ochestra. It has held Hubei 2010 New Year Concert broadcasted by the Education Channel of CCTV. The Chime Bells Ensemble shows Chu Music to Europe and America. The Conservatory has also played an active role in international academic exchanges. It has established good relations with many music conservatories in UK,Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Ukraine, and the United States. They have good plateform for academy exchange and give performances at each other’s school.

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