Unipupil International Data Science Interns: Chatbot PART #2

Rowan e Pooja

After our last blog, we took all of the research we gathered and we moved on to the next phase of building and training our chatbot model. We decided to use data consisting of casual conversations to train our model- the Wiki Question and Answer dataset- which helped us make our chatbot more relevant. Then, we conducted data cleaning and data preprocessing simultaneously in order to reach the model training process. 


Throughout this process, we’ve been constantly checking in with our boss, CEO Fiona Leigh, and our project manager, Yuvaraja, in order to workshop ideas and desired outcomes. Fiona helped us develop a better understanding of the business side of this project and how our project fits into the company, while Yuvaraja has provided a lot of helpful information about Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning. All of this collaboration is extremely exciting for Pooja and me, since we’re both learning lots of cool new technologies and concepts as we try to build a chatbot that can converse naturally.


Although this project has been fun, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing - we’ve had trouble with noisy data, and finding helpful information relevant to our project. When we first started looking for datasets, it felt like we were running into barriers one after another. And then later, when we started data preprocessing, it also wasn’t entirely straightforward- it took us a lot of time and energy to work out how to make the information we gathered understandable for the specific model we’re attempting to build. However, after talking to the team and researching solutions, we got back on the right track in chatbot development and are now building and training the neural network.


We are moving in a direction to build a chatbot which will be efficient and helpful to answer the queries of the customers. By working on this chatbot it is giving us exposure to new technologies in the field of Data Science. As a next step, we are proceeding further with the process of training the Chatbot by using Neural Networks. We also have added a new member to the team Yuvaraja who has a masters in Data Analytics who will be focusing on the development phase of this Chatbot.


Catch you guys in the next blog with a beta version of our Chatbot.


Rowan & Pooja



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