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Markus Bichler - CEO


UniPupil would like to introduce TravelEdventures who have over 10 years experience organising student trips overseas. 


TravelEdventures are an international tour operator specialising in supporting the logistics of Erasmus+ organising (flights and internal transport; social and cultural; accommodation, work placement and language course for Vocational Education Colleges (VECs). Now, in addition, we are specializing in supporting the logistics of the Turing Scheme in partnership with VECs for the United Kingdom. We look forward to bringing our expertise to your schools …...   


The Turing Scheme was recently established by the UK (after the exit of the EU) in order to enable UK students to receive funding for their exchange experience. To read more click here


TravelEdventures specialise in working with Vocation Education Training (VET) schools and nonprofits around Europe to provide Erasmus+ experiences in the following sectors including:--


  • Vocation Education Training (VET) learner internship programs


  • Strategic partnerships for schools and youth


  • International teacher training and development.



Testimonial:  Vocational School UK 

Natalie, an Erasmus + project manager from a vocational school in the UK. 

She wanted to talk about the organization of future internships. Once we discussed the price of next year's Erasmus + project, we offered to organize everything for her Erasmus + stay, including flights to give the group additional budget protection. 

 While Natalie had already found a great partner (Traveledventures) to run her Erasmus + project, she also needed help with the Erasmus + application for next year (specifically the 2020 application). Unfortunately due to Covid-19 the trip was postponed and again Natalie felt lucky to have worked with us. We were able to change Erasmus + mobility to a time after Covid-19 without charging any additional cost for changing the date”.  

Natalie ended up very happy…….


Why use Travel Edventures 

  • 10 year+ experience with Erasmus+ with Further Education (FE) and Vocational Schools (VE) in Europe. 
  • ‘One Stop Shop’ service for all logistics for your  school group  travelling abroad from organising flight, insurance, accommodation, work placement, language course if required, food and activities.   
  • FREE Complimentary Application service:  We will support your school with the application with an incredible network of application writers.
  • By bringing our 10 years of expertise of Erasmus+ application success: 
    • Increase your chance of successfully securing the fund.
    • Minimise time spent on the application process.
    • Provide a reliable network of international partners?
  • One point of contact i.e., TravelEdventures Team deals with all of the incredible network of vendors that they have built up over the past 10 years, so you connect with one point of contact only and we take care of the rest.  
  • Trained local personnel in each country, that does quality checks on services offered before the student travels abroad who can resolve any questions you may have. 


Check out the top 10 Erasmus+ and Turing (UK) Internship Destinations that TravelEdventures have experience working with.   


Improve your Erasmus+ and Turning Funding Application:   CEO Markus Bichler


We would love the opportunity to work with your school…..  


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