Tokyo Kogakuin Japanese Language School

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shinjuku 下落合, Tokyo 151-0051,
About Tokyo Kogakuin Japanese Language School This school is a long established school, which started Japanese language education in 1971、and it is one of the most authoritative Japanese language school in Japan. Moreover, it is an educational foundation founded according to the private school code with the strict criteria. In the same educational foundation, there is Tokyo Kogakuin College of Technology (Department of Architecture, Electronic, Electric, Information Technology, Information and Business, Computer Graphics, Image Production, Sound Production, Sports, Manga, Animation, University Studies; Management, Law, Media, etc.) and Tokyo Air Travel Hotel College (Department of Airlines, Hotel, Sight Seeing, English, etc.). The Three Strong Points of Tokyo Kogakuin Japanese Language School An introduction to three strong points of our school. Choose classes and learn. Classes are small and divided by students’ Japanese ability. We cover all the levels from introductory to advanced level including the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students and the Japanese Language Aptitude Test Level 1. In the afternoon, we have elective classes, and students can choose the classes, according to their preferred colleges, humanities or science/engineering, national universities or private universities. There are many elective subjects, such as, English, Social Studies, Mathematics 1 and 2, Physics and Chemistry. Reasonable Tuition, Simply because it has history. Annual course fee is 570,000 yen, 820,000 yen for one and half year, 1,070,000 yen for two years, this is a lot cheaper than other Japanese language school. Because we own the building of the school, and because we belong to a large educational corporation, which runs many other vocational schools, our course fee can be reasonable. We are trying to lesson the economical burden for the students of different currency value, so that they can study at the best learning environment. Studying at the safe location with a lot of verdure and easy access. It is 5 minute-walk from the New South Exit Of Shinjuku station, and 3 minute-walk from The East Exit of Yoyogi station. There is Department store like Takashimaya and a big book store, Kinokuniya, near the school. Moreover, there is the most beautiful garden in Tokyo, Shinjuku Gyoen, right opposite of the school. This is where many tourists come see cherry blossoms in spring. Other Information Nationalities of students We currently have students from China, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia, Malaysia, Brunei, The Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, Iran, Kenya, Brazil, Peru, France, and Canada, etc. Student Insurance Our students have the student disaster/injury insurance provided by the Tokyo college association as our affiliated colleges. Student Discount As a part of Academic juridical corporation, various discounts will be gained such as transportation passes, long distance travels, movie tickets, etc.

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