The start of my future career

Nejc Forstnerič

The start of my future career                    


Author:  Nejc Forstnerič



About me :)

I am Nejc, a Slovenian high school student, studying economics at the High School of Economics in the city of Maribor, the second biggest, but largely welcoming city in Slovenia.
I am currently in Dublin for an internship at the Unipupil company. 


My internship lasts three weeks, which means my stay here is nearing its end.
I came here as a part of the Erasmus+ project, where a group of students from all over the country got the opportunity to experience another country and culture during their school year, by doing an internship at various companies in their respective fields of study. 

This is my first time in Ireland. I find the country very intriguing because of the consistent rainy weather and the vast mix of different people and cultures you can find.  I am living with a host family for the duration of my stay. The family houses a small number of other students and young people, all from different countries, that are studying or working as interns in Dublin.


My internship

My tasks at the Unipupil company include:

  • client acquisition, 
  • website bug testing, 
  • data mapping on excel, 
  • product future enhancement research
  • intern supervision.

I decided to apply for this internship to gain new work experience, developing work habits and to see the inner workings of an irish company. I loved the motivation and work ethic of all the staff and i think i gained valuable experience. 


My future … a mystery?? 


My future still remains a mystery, but I plan on attending a college of economics. I also wish to develop my skills as a sound designer/music producer and find a job in that field of work in the future. 

These skills are mostly taught outside of my home country, which means I may be able to use the service Unipupil provides to study abroad. With the help of the Unipupil website, students can search for institutions at different levels of education, in specific countries, provinces and cities, or with any other specifications to find their perfect school and take their careers on the right path.


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