Senzoku Gakuen Junior College

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2 Chome-3-1 Hisamoto Takatsu Ward Kawasaki Kanagawa 213-8580, Kawasaki 213-8580,
Kanagawa Japan
Educational Philosophy:Cultivating creative talents with rich personalities. Wakao Maeda founded Senzoku Gakuen in the spirit of "Keep your dreams lofty, but be humble in your actions." In the years following we have carried on that spirit and provided an education that focuses not merely on instilling in its students the knowledge and techniques of their chosen specializations but also on raising well-rounded individuals with warm, rich personalities. Through this we aim to give students the strength to live their lives to the fullest while discovering their true purposes, taking responsibility for their own lives and displaying their creativity and individuality to the utmost. "What do I want to do?" "How do I want to live?" These are questions everyone needs to answer for themselves. To help students find their own answers, Senzoku Gakuen has prepared an environment that allows them to have diverse experiences, interact with people of diverse backgrounds and broaden their perspectives. Our purpose is to raise independent talented people who know their true purposes and who have discovered their true selves. Junior College and Department of Early Childhood Education: The goal of the Department of Early Childhood Education & Care is to train preschool and daycare teachers who are dedicated to making children truly happy. To that end, the department has designed a curriculum that not only teaches students the characteristics of child development and the principles of leadership in theory but that is also packed with practical lessons that prioritize giving students hands-on experience in handling children. We put a strong focus on developing our students' personalities so that they can become people full of love for and understanding of children, which they will bring to bear when nurturing not only children's minds and bodies but also their hearts. College of Music: The aim of the College is to foster a love of music and nurture warm, rich hearts in its students. Students have the opportunity to delve deeply into their chosen fields of study while learning broadly about music in general. Senzoku Gakuen boasts a unique, comprehensive curriculum which, among other things, features 'Concert Practice' as a required course with an emphasis on actual performance. The College's instructors are musicians who are active on the front lines in their respective fields and all teaching and learning takes place in fully-equipped modern facilities.

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