Online Bookings


How it works?

Step 1: Add your Classes, Courses or Workshops on the Unipupil portal

Select one of:
  • Eligibility Subscription (linked with online booking)
  • Online Booking Only
  • Class Listing Only
  • Eligibility Subscription and class listing
  • Domestic Pricing
  • International Pricing
  • Both (Domestic & International Pricing)

Review Educational Institution Terms & Conditions (please Login to review Terms & Conditions) .

Step 2: Your classes, courses and/or workshops that are uploaded will be displayed in your institutions profile                 page.

Step 3: The Student clicks on Add to Cart to buy a class, course or workshop.

Step 4: Commission Pricing for Classes, Courses and Workshops

Classes, Courses & Workshops Domestic Commission % International Commission %
Classes, Courses, Workshops 3% 10%

Step 5: The Educational Institution and the student can check the status of classes, courses and workshops in their Account Area.