My future

My name is Kristian Cernoch, I'm 17 and I came to Ireland from Czech Republic.
I have come to Ireland to gain experience about work. I wanted to know what working in a
company feels like so I could better decide about my future. By now I have finished my
second year of high school and I’m a little unsure whether I should pursue additional
education or apply for a job right after I finish school.

That’s why working at Unipupil is such a great opportunity. For a month I can see what
working in a company might be like. I always thought about work the same way I did about
school. But after what I’ve seen so far, the two are completely different. Point of school is to
give me knowledge and prepare me for being an adult. Point of work is to use your energy to
create something new and make money in the process. I thought my decision was to either
study or work. But in reality it’s about what career I want to have and how much or how little
I should study for it.

For some reason law is something that has fascinated me for years. And after thinking a lot, I
have come to the decision that this is what I want to do. This means that I must learn to study
hard and work hard before my dream will come true. Working in a real company will teach
me a lot about work, responsibility and independence.
In the end I am glad that I can experience something like this and I truly believe that this
whole thing will be a valuable lesson for me.