Meirin College

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???-????? Masago, Niigata 950-2074,
Niigata Japan
明倫短期大学 (English : Meirin College ) is, Niigata Prefecture Niigata City Nishi-ku, headquartered in Masago 3-16-10 Japan of private universities is. It was established in 1997 . The abbreviation of the university is Ming. University whole: Ming Lun Junior College is a private junior college in Nishi Ward , Niigata City , Niigata Prefecture . 1997 currently is installed in, consists of advanced courses 2 major and 2 Department of coeducation has become a junior college. The administrator is Megumi Gakuen School Corporation . Education and research: Mei-ni Junior College is characterized by having a department which trains one of the leading dental technicians in Japan. At the Department of Dental Hygienists, training at Niigata University Medical and Dental General Hospital , Nippon Dental College Niigata Hospital, etc is also adopted. "Ming dynasty dental health engineering journal" is issued.

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