Kiara Smith (South Carolina)

Kiara Smith

As a junior Integrated Marketing Communication major at Winthrop University, I was excited for the opportunity to study abroad. I am originally from Charleston, South Carolina and attend school in Rock Hill South Carolina, so I was excited to embark on a new adventure and meet different people from different cultures. I am currently studying at Dublin Business School (DBS) for the semester. Compared to Winthrop, there are many differences. For starters, at Winthrop I have many assignments, tests and projects throughout the semester. At DBS, I only have a few assignments and they are all due at the end of the semester. This is very different for me, because I am used to staying really busy throughout the entire semester, but it is also a nice change.

At Dublin Business School (DBS), I am also in groups with other international students from Sweden, Switzerland and France. I really enjoy the opportunity to learn about different cultures and interact with people from them. At Winthrop I did not have the access to as many international students, so at DBS that is a great change. My living situation is also a huge adjustment for me.



At Winthrop I live on campus, so everything is in close range: my classes, Starbucks, the gym and in Dublin everywhere I go includes a long walk. This was a huge adjustment to me, but so far it fits well. I have also had to adjust to cooking for myself. Back at Winthrop I have meal plan, so I can go to Starbucks or Popeye’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In Dublin I have had to mature in different ways,

I have become more of an adult. Throughout the semester, I have had the opportunity to travel to beautiful places in Ireland. This includes Galway, Howth, Kilkenny and The Aran Islands. I have also travelled to Northern Ireland, London and Paris. Those adventures have been great. Overall my study abroad journey has been a great one. Though challenging at first, I would encourage anyone to do it. Not only do you learn many things about yourself, but you also grow as a person.



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