International Students

Deciding to study abroad is a massive step forward for everyone who decides to do so. The vision of discovering new places and cultures, improving language skills, becoming independent, boosting your career, creating connections for life and numerous other aspects of attending school outside your home country all sound very exciting but there is a lot of work to be done and many decisions to be made before making your dream happen:

  • Which school do I choose?

  • How do I improve my language knowledge so that I can fit right in when I commence my studies?

  • How do I find a suitable accommodation in a foreign country?

  • What job opportunities do I have after I graduate?

All this can look overwhelming but don’t worry. Unipupil is here to help you with all four steps of what we call The Student’s Journey (that is: choosing a fitting school, finding tools to improve the language of your future studies, finding an accommodation and matching you with a job after you graduate). Here are services we provide to make your Journey as smooth as possible:

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Immersing oneself in a foreign culture through moving and studying abroad often comes with having to learn the language of the destination country. Whether you already possess basic knowledge of the given language and you are seeking to improve or you are yet to start becoming familiar with it, we are here to help you choose the right tools to enable fluent communication and studying in the country of your dreams.

The best way to learn a language is being surrounded by it on a daily basis. That is why language schools located in the country of your choice are a perfect solution for your desire to learn.

But with that many to choose from, how do you pick the right one for you? Unipupil is here to make your decision easier. Just enter your desired location and we will provide you with profiles of language schools in the area.

The profiles include:

  • information about the school (including exact location and contact info)

  • detailed plan of learning programmes

  • pictures / videos to taste the atmosphere

  • reviews by previous students

  • the school's shop with e.g. branded t-shirts, hoodies etc.

All this information at one page enables you to find and compare language schools so you can be sure you picked the best school to fit your needs. And all this for FREE.


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Universities and Colleges

Choosing a higher education institution shapes the rest of our lives so it rightfully deserves a thorough research. But how to pick from the tens of thousands of institutions there are?

This is where we can help you. With Unipupil website you can browse up to date profiles of over 12,000 colleges and universities all around the world. With unified profile structure you can easily compare the institutions with each other, read other students’ reviews, create and save your favourites, shop for the school’s products (such as hoodies) and other options. All this for FREE.

The profiles include:

  • information about the University / College (including exact location and contact info)

  • detailed plan of learning programmes and offered courses

  • pictures / videos to taste the atmosphere

  • reviews by previous students

  • when you have decided which school you wish to apply for, you can book the courses directly through our website WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL FEES.


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Moving to a foreign country is a wonderful experience but being surrounded by new culture, people and language can be overwhelming at times. This is a reason why having a solid home to come back to after a long day is so important. And as any student with experience of studying abroad can tell you- finding a nice accommodation in a whole new country can be quite a complicated business.

Unipupil will enable you to easily search for a new home in your desired location. You will be able to look up and compare and book accommodations which will fit your specific needs.

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Graduate Jobs

Now that you have finished your degree / course of study it is time to find a job. In the UniPupil platform you will be able to search for jobs, link to hiring companies and understand skill needs in your country. If you are just starting your search for degrees this is also a good place to start looking at research on careers of the future.

  • Where do you start to look for jobs?

  • How do you find out what companies are hiring for?

  • How do you find out what skills countries need in the future?

You will be able to search for jobs to utilize your new skills/knowledge. We will have a place for you to search your dream job, link to recruiters, and chat with companies.

In the future, you will see more information about key skill gaps in various countries and/or companies to help drive your decision on your career and job choices. We will assist you in making long-term decisions based on the future job market.

The Unipupil platform will assist you in making long term decisions based on the future job market, to help you will your career decisions.


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