Alessia Mantellina (Italy)


Back in Italy since less than a month, I’m living like back from a dream, a long dream of 4 months.

Left from Italy on March, for an Intership in this country unknown to me, I immediately found myself in an environment so friendly and familiar that I felt totally at home . Yes, because we have to say that one of the most beautiful things of Ireland is the hospitality of its people. They welcome you as you are part of their world since ever, just as an old friend.

All was perfect: the job with which I met great people, from different countries and that allowed me to find a friend also in my boss, making every day beside her so funny although tiring and full of work;  the host family where I lived that gave me the possibility to meet not only people that have become my irish family but also so many guys with which shared so much fun.

The writer John Pentland Mahaffy  said : “In Ireland, the inevitable never happens and the unexpected constantly occurs.” and I totally agree with him. Starting from the weather that is absolutely unexpected, teaching you that you can never go out without sunglasses, umbrella and a wind jacket ….. going to all the unexpected adventures that it can offer to you. 

Dublin is full of pubs where you can sit and drink a good pint of beer and try the tasty “Irish Stew”, with your friends and not. Yes, because that is also the city where you can go out for a beer alone but you’ll never be because you will find for sure the waiter, the old irish man, or the tourist who will talk to you a piece of their lives that will surely leave something new to your day.

Finally, just few words for the irish landscapes. They are so amazing that is impossible not love them. Both the city and the country side, although with different shadows, give you the sense of freedom and peace.

I remember thinking  “ here is the place where you can live HAKUNA MATATA” ;)

 If you have never been in the Emerald Isle take your bag, your wish to breathe a different lightness, and go as soon as you can. You should at least once in your life.



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