How I fell in love with Dublin

Erasmus diary: how I fell in love with Dublin

Around one year ago I was on a plane on my way to Dublin city (Ireland), I didn’t know what to expect from this experience, I was alone and my only concern was to find an apartment as soon as possible.

I still remember my first day at the hostel, I had decided to go to the public room and bring my laptop with me to get some phone numbers of the landlords in the nearby. An Irish boy was there as well and looked at me while I was confusingly staring at the city map. He decided to help me with my research and then took me to the oldest pub in Dublin where I drunk my first pint of Guinness and listened to a local band. For one moment I felt like the character of an American movie, that time and place were so right that made me forget about all my concerns, at that moment I didn’t know that this would have been just the beginning.

As the time passed by, everything went for the best, I found a lovely Irish family that took care of me as if I was their own daughter, a boss to laugh with during the busy days at work , friends, flatmates and collegues from all around the world who I was not expecting to become so close to.

Dublin has certainly taught me a lot of things: that an umbrella is useless when it rains there, that you can’t go home from Ireland without having drunk at least one pint of Guinness, that when you go out, it doesn’t matter where you go, there will always be somebody that will ask you “where are you from?”, that the nature is so beautiful there that you cannot avoid to travel as much as you can and being astonished by the wonderful landscapes of the Green Land.

Month by month I hadn’t noticed the days rapidly passing and I had to face the worst part of the experience: seeing one by one most of my close friends to go home, having to say to them goodbye with the awareness of not knowing where and when I would have seen them again. I remember myself packing my things and going to the airport, landing in Sicily and feeling as a stranger in my own country after having lived the Irish way for more than four months. I still missed my friends and wished I was there laughing and dancing in one of the dozen of pubs we spent time in.  Having lived in a new country and adapted so fast to the new environment made me realize that I was stronger than I thought and that  othing could have stopped me anymore from experiencing new adventures!

One year after, I sit on a table writing about my Erasmus in Dublin on my third day in La Plagne (France) where I will work for the winter as a front desk receptionist. I’m just moving my first step here, I don’t know anything about the village, neither about the people, but I’ve the funny feeling that this is just the beginning of another unbelievable story!