Become a Unipupil partner

Accommodation Hosts

Are you interested in becoming a partner and adding your accommodation i.e., apartment, hotel, house, room or student building on our global educational platform? Great! Here’s how the business model works: provides online reservation services. We act as an intermediary between students who want to make an accommodation reservation and the host accommodation provider

It’s important to remember that the agreement is made directly between you and the guest. You have full control over your rates and availability,and can offer guests more transparency on your house rules, policies, and overall offerings.

The guest pays the reservation rate in advance of the booking with the host determining the terms and conditions of the booking. You have an agreement with for using the online reservation platform and have to pay and / or an Agent a pre agreed commission amount on all bookings made on our platform, depending on the agreement. All payments are made via paypal secure payments method with monies been paid directly into the host accommodation bank account and then pre agreed commissions been paid dynamically to Unipupil and / or Agent. All payments are tracked in the user account area which includes a summary report; actual order and invoice.

The price you set is the price we display on And you only pay if we generate business for you – there are no added sign-up or listing costs.

Note: When a student makes a booking through the platform, their reservation is confirmed immediately vie email and tracked in the student account. This payment is also tracked in the host and Unipupil / and or Agent accounts.

  • Access to a Global Audience of students.
  • Earn revenue with every booking made through How it works? The money goes directly to the Host bank account via PayPal with commissions automatically paid to Unipupil and Agent (if involved).
  • Secure transactions between host and Unipupil via Paypal. The host details are protected by secure connection.
  • 24/7 Access - The host has access to manage the accommodation anytime and see their payment reports.
  • Add one or multiple accommodation listings in the one education platform for students catering for different student needs while enabling you the host to manage a portfolio of multiple and / or different accommodation types (apartment; hostel; hotel; house; room; student building).
  • Free of charge - create a free account and manage your accommodation without costs.

To get started simply:


Create your user name and password


Validate your email


Add your accommodation


The students views and books


You get paid