Education Agents

If there was a way for you to access educational institutions and their courses globally, enabling you to work more efficiently and compete with online direct providers, providing your students with the highest value service possible, how interested would you be? To achieve this, Unipupil is the perfect solution for you.

Here are the values that using your FREE Unipupil account brings to your work:

Top Reasons to choose Unipupil

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  • Easy student management

    With ONLINE AGENT ACCOUNT AREA you will be able to effortlessly track all your clients' courses, payments, orders and invoices and also the revenue you are making from each of your client's purchases

  • Access information about thousands of schools

    You will be able to offer your clients detailed information about schools all around the world that match with their desires. To get a picture of what it feels like to study at the different institutions, studets can go through the school's photographs, videos, blogs and reviews...

  • Simple booking and payment

    Enable your student to ease the pain of figuring out the complicated courses payments by using the secure payment method imbeded into our system. (learn more here)

  • Increase your revenue and access new markets

    In addition to commissions received from courses purchased by your clients, you also receive commissions for merchandising shop products offered by the Educational Institution on their UniPupil Educational Institution profile that your clients decide to buy.

  • Transparent communication

    All interactions between the educational stakeholders on the Unipupil portal are tracked and recorded. This enables you to deliver an efficient, transparent service, which results in a wider range of choices and reassurance for your students.

Work more effectively, bring value to your clients. Sign up for your free Unipupil account now.

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