Dublin internship

Hello everybody,

Our names are Haris and Alessio and we're from Venice, Italy; We came with our classmates in Dublin for an internship of a month. We think this is an important opportunity to improve our english knowledge as well as for practicing in the world of job and to comprehend how the work atmosphere is. 

We've finished our fourth school year and this month can help us to decide what to do after finishing school. I think i will go to University of Economics but Alessio isn't sure yet.

Our job is to look for information about schools from Japan, Israel and China to update the Unipupil website. It's interesting because we can compare our school with the foreign country's schools and see what the differences are. 

The thing we surely miss more of Italy is the food but we are adapting very well at the new lifestyle. Anyway it's beautiful to know a new culture.

Until now, we saw the Phoenix Park, The Trinity college, Guinness Storehouse and Howth Harbour. We're going to see lots of places in the three weeks remaining.

Dublin is a wonderful city with gorgeous monuments and kind people, but it also has its bad aspects like weather which is unpredictable

We suggest everyone this experience, don't be afraid for the time you must be here, you will surely have fun and learn a lot.

Good bye and take every chance to travel or to work in a foreign country!

Haris and Alessio.