Colegio Tabancura

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Trying to do things very well was the mother idea that guided the Colegio Tabancura when it was still a project. The promoter group who took personal responsibility to get it out, knew they had the grace of God and their spirit of initiative; They were not experts and had no experience in setting up schools. They were parents, professionals and housewives; But the word formation (forming and forming) was very clear. They were also very clear that the formation of a Christian is a lifelong task and not only of his school stage. They knew that a school is an effective aid, but that they would always be the first and the main educators of their children, both human and supernatural. The ideal of making his sons truly Christian men felt it as a necessity. And this and not another was the flame that had to propagate when they were interested other parents of the new school that they had set out to create. Who were they? Men and women who were receiving the spiritual formation of Opus Dei. From their Founder, they had welcomed - as in so many other countries - the idea of ​​creating colleges that would collaborate with parents in the Christian formation of their children. Apart from the spiritual help of the Work - which is the only one that the Prelature lent that it all depended on its responsibility and personal initiative. Director, teachers, land, construction, elaboration of an educational project ?, in a word, almost everything, They had to do it and the people they interested or hired to get it out. The spirit was; For everything else they had to fend for themselves. It is true that the Tabancura project had precursors. In other countries, St. Josemaria Escrivá had encouraged parents to set up, with their personal responsibility and initiative - and not to the Work - schools in which their children received a solid Christian formation. The times were uncertain. The crisis of the countries that moment plagued of ideology, affected very directly to the religious formation of the children. Creating a safe, healthy college was a must. In the first writings to make the project known, it was said: "The pedagogical work of the Colegio Tabancura aims to achieve the full development of the personality of the student, through a training that covers the intellectual, human and spiritual aspects. It is, therefore, a central concern of the College to provide students with an atmosphere of freedom, sincerity and joy; Spirit of generosity, initiative and collaboration with others. To create around the student a climate in which, together with the fundamental habits of work and discipline, the spirit of freedom is naturally present in parallel with a deep sense of responsibility. Personal education ... personal treatment. These objectives were present from the beginning. Responsible people, always the Church's doctrine, trust, faith and the illusion of doing something great: This was a key attraction to enthuse many families. A group of people, including some parents of the future school, bought at that time the entire farm La Esperanza farm, with the purpose of urbanization and at the request of those parents sold 5 hectares for the Tabancura. The deed was signed on September 11, 1969. The College began to operate on Tabancura street No. 1301, interior, between Las Condes Avenue and Vitacura Avenue. At that time, the remoteness made the parents exclaim: "To get there (the College), we will have to get a passport." The Director, on the other hand, had the arduous task of finding Teachers capable of understanding - and of making own - the Educational Project. With 278 students, From Kindergarten to 8th Basic - a high figure for a school that was born - in March 1970, classes began. To put everything ready for the first day, parents and mothers willingly engaged in all the household tasks of the final stones were mobilized generously: carrying benches, cleaning glasses, etc., with the illusion of being contributing to something they felt very yours. In 1971, a year later, it was necessary to add a level course between Kindergarten and 4th Basic.

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