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Recently Unipupil became part of a Worldwide working group that focuses on Climate Action in the International education sector.  We would like to discuss with you about them and their upcoming virtual international summit on climate action on the 12th of Novemberm 2020.

Climate Action Network for International Educators - CANIE in short.


Who they are?

CANIE is a grassroots initiative formed by international education practitioners from around the world who see the need and the opportunity for the sector to step up and act on climate action. They serve as a platform to bring the sector together to act as a catalyst for action. They aim to develop and share resources, training and events to help individuals take action and to drive change within their educational institutions. 


Who Founded CANIE?

  • Dr Pii-Tuulia Nikula, Senior Lecturer, EIT, New Zealand.
  • Ailsa Lamont, Director Pomegranate Global, Australia.

Founding Members

  • Dr Kevin Mac Gabhann, Associate Dean of International Relations, EM Strasbourg Business School, University of Strasbourg, France; Associate Professor in Management and Managing Director of HERMES network of 26 universities.
  • Marianne Mensah, International Executive Director at Université Côte d’Azur, France.
  • Eddie West, Assistant Dean, International Strategy and Programs, San Diego State University, USA, World Campus.
  • ​Paul Loftus, Chief Kudu, Edukudu, Brighton, UK.
  • ​CJ Tremblay, Global Marketing & Instructional Products and Programs at Paragon Testing Enterprises, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Dr Adrienne Fusek, Director of Faculty-Led Study Abroad, Global Affairs, San Diego State University, USA.


What is CANIE’s main focus?

Climate Change and International Education

Greenhouse gas emissions associated with international student mobility are substantial and growing. The international education sector generates substantial emissions, primarily through air travel by students, faculty and staff, but also from changes in students' personal consumption (e.g. - energy use, food) while studying abroad, and through recruitment activity that includes printing and transportation.

The benefits of international student mobility are important and help develop the skills, attitudes and connections we need to tackle this complex global problem but we cannot turn a blind eye to its environmental costs. This must be factored into our policymaking and how we shape future models of delivery and operations. Climate change also offers a great opportunity to radically rethink the way we operate and to involve students as part of the solution.


What is their vision?

CANIE's vision is for an International Education sector that prioritizes leaving a positive carbon handprint on the world. They support international educators worldwide by providing the tools, knowledge and networks to raise carbon-consciousness among practitioners and globally-mobile students.


Who are their audiences?

International educators, Climate action advocates/ enthusiast, Governments, and International Students


Do Students really care about climate action?

Students are increasingly aware of the impact climate change is likely to have on their future. New rankings such as the Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings will drive student choice towards institutions that take climate change seriously. Schoolchildren in Australia and many countries around the world have gone out on strike to demand greater action: these are the future Higher Education students of a few years.

As CANIE cares about the futures of students, they publish several videos to give the student a voice in the present. These videos are about the student’s opinions on climate actions, and here is one for your viewing,



How to become a member?

You can sign up on their website ( to become a member of CANIE and be kept informed of upcoming events or useful resources and training opportunities around the world. Membership is free and open to anyone.


How to contact them?

You can reach CANIE through their email​ or through their social media handle @CANIEglobal on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.


Do they host any events or conferences on climate action?

Yes, following the success of the inaugural International Education Climate Action Summit in May 2020, CANIE is hosting its second Summit, and this time, it focuses on the Climate Action in Europe and is scheduled for participants worldwide.

The International Education Climate Action Summit Autumn (IECAS) 2020 is a virtual event to catalyse climate action by the international education sector and will be held on 12 November 2020. The entire event will be hosted online and is free to attend


What is the purpose of International Education Climate Action Summit Autumn  (IECAS) 2020?

The number of globally mobile students is growing each year (more than 5 million students in higher education alone). The CO₂-e emissions associated with this mobility are estimated at 14-39 megatons per year and students around the world are increasingly keen to make more sustainable study choices. The purpose of this Summit is to explore what these developments mean for international education and to build the capacity of practitioners in the sector to respond to the climate challenge.

The main exploration will be the implications for policy, business models and operations, and showcase initiatives by institutions and educators around the world. We will look at opportunities to reduce emissions from our international operations, to incorporate climate action into our strategy and to build climate literacy among students and staff.

 The aim of this event is that this summit will spark a larger conversation and become the first step on the journey to harnessing the sector’s reach, influence and purchasing power to make the business of international education more sustainable and to respond more effectively to the defining challenge of our time.


Details of this summit

The IECAS 2020 summit takes place at 14:00 UTC, Thursday, 12 November 2020, and will run for three hours.

Dublin, Edinburgh, London:    2 pm to 5 pm

Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris:     15:00 to 18:00

Athens, Helsinki, Kiev:          16:00 to 19:00 


How to register for this event?

Registrations to participate in the virtual International Education Climate Action Summit - Autumn 2020 are open now.  Please note: you will need to create an account with Zoom to be able to register.  Zoom is the technology platform that will be used, and we are managing registrations through it. Please click here to register.


Please visit, The International Education Climate Action Summit Autumn (Europe) 2020, 12th November 2020, for more information and follow CANIE on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.   


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