Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College

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Cunningham Street, Basseterre
Saint George Basseterre Saint Kitts and Nevis
About us The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College founded by Sir Clarence Fitzroy Bryant in 1988, is still committed to providing affordable and accessible education in a stimulating learning environment. Its physical location, interdisciplinary curriculum and the range of programmes it delivers together with the community, network of staff, students, and the various publics that it serves, afford an enriching academic experience. The College operates as an inclusive educational institution that offers training at a variety of levels to meet the needs of its students. The college was established in 1988, under the name College of Further Education and was mandated to consolidate and augment the opportunities for tertiary level education. The college came into existence with the amalgamation of four previously existing institutions: the School of Nursing inaugurated in 1966, the Teacher’s College established in 1967, the Technical College organised in 1971 and the Sixth Form. The former Teachers College became the Division of Teacher Education, the Technical College gave way to the Division of Technical and Vocational Education and Management Studies and the School of Nursing became the Division of Health Sciences. The Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies replaced the Sixth Form and the Division of Adult and Continuing Education was a new addition. In 1996 the name of the institution was changed to The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. The college provides education and training for Kittitians and Nevisians who, on graduating, are able to make contributions to the social and economic development of their country. In addition, the college prepares students for higher education and provides opportunities for nationals of other countries. The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College has an unparalleled record of excellence in the quality of the graduates it produces. Our graduates continue to excel in institutions of higher learning, in the workplace and in positions of leadership locally, regionally and internationally. We are committed to excellence in education and to our motto: Ad summa semper nitems (Always striving for excellence). Mission To foster the development of responsible self-sufficient citizens by delivering a range of academic, professional and vocational courses and programmes that reflect the high values and standards and which prepare students to make lifelong contributions to their communities Philosophy The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College is an institution established to cater to the needs of the widest possible cross-section of the post-secondary and adult population. It seeks to respond positively to the needs of its student body and is committed to the development of responsible citizens who are ready to contribute to the development of their country. Goals The college’s objectives include providing lifelong learning opportunities in undergraduate and continuing education; helping students become personally and professionally responsible and self-sufficient by promoting their intellectual, social, moral and ethical development and; improving the quality of life of all citizens in the Federation.

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