Chongqing Nanfang Translators College under Sichuan International Studies University

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Chongqing China
Sichuan International Studies University (Chinese: 四川外国语大学) , is a public university located in Chongqing, China. It is one of the top eight foreign studies universities in China. It is colloquially known in Chinese as Chuan Wai (川外). It was founded as tge Russian Training School of Southwest Military University of People's Liberation Army (PLA) in May 1950. It is the only university specialized in foreign language studies in the Southwest region of China. Due to its close relationship with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is one of the ministry's few direct recruitment spots. The total student body amounts to 11,000, including foreign students and short-term students. According to the latest Wu Shulian Chinese Universities Rankings, Sichuan International Studies University is ranked No. 4 among all Chinese international studies universities. Sichuan International Studies University is a base for foreign language education and scientific research and information consultancy center in the southwest. Foreign languages offered in the college include Portuguese, Russian, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, Hungarian, Hebrew and Arabic . A number of non-language specialties have been added to its curriculum, such as law, journalism, Chinese as a foreign language, advertising, and tourism management. Six master's degree programs have been offered, namely, Portuguese, Russian Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Comparative Literature and World Literature. The majority of students are from liberal arts background in middle school. Out of 12,000 enrolled students, 8000 are four-year or three-year undergraduate students and 2500 are in adult and continuing education programs, while the rest are in short-time training programs.

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