Chinese Peoples Public Security University

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Muxudi Xicheng District, Beijing 100038,
Life in PPSUC is strict as it is managed in a similarly to a military academy after 2002, when most of the undergraduate cadets started their university life in Tuanhe. Students are asked to partake in morning exercises from Monday to Friday and the first three-month training for the new cadets are very fierce. It was normal that cadets of upper class would be their trainers and they could be very harsh toward them during the first three-month training. This way of training successfully sets up a hierarchy within the cadets in which upper class cadets are more respected and listened. Their words could be easily interpreted into certain types of orders, although not obligatory for lower class cadets. The instructors, Staff Sergeant or Chief Staff Sergent, are all very critical toward the cadets at the beginning, causing self-denial mentality to the cadets. This can be used to form a detailed oriented habit of cadets and set up a power order between the cadets and the instructors. However, such behavior may be lessened in the later part of the four years training, although sometimes it may prove to be not effective on every individual. In this way, the PPSUC cadets, faced with common challenges from the instructors and the strict system of management, could develop a deep and trusted relationship between cadets if things turned out to be right. However, it is claimed that failure to comply may result in depression, despair and other negative mentality. Besides, as the female cadets were only 15%-30%, gay issue could be expected and seen in the university. The typical literature work reflecting the culture of PPSUC was The Years of Dries and Stirs (枯燥年华), written by a student once studied at the Chinese Language and Literature Department. Co-op programs and Field Experience

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