BSD: Bring Digital Skills to Your K-12 Classroom

Chris Geary (CEO/Co-Founder), Nickey Khemchandani (CTO/Co-Founder)


Unipupil would like to introduce BSD Education who brings digital skills to the K-12 classroom. We know how important  digital skills are for the students' career.

BSD Education (Enabling Educators to teach Digital Skills) partners with schools to bring technology education into K-12 classrooms, through our programs of learning, online learning platform and professional development training.

Founded in 2013 by Chris Geary (CEO / Co-Founder) and Nickey Khemchandani (CTO / Co-Founder), BSD EducationTheir work empowers educators to bring digital skills into the classroom by providing an online learning environment, ready-made customizable curriculum, and professional development. They partner with schools all around the world to make it easier to integrate technology curricula, without the need to hire skilled professionals.


What do they offer?

Offering:  An Online Platform enabling teachers to teach K-12 students digital skills with real time feedback, built in answer guides for teachers and human-based real time chat support.

Our offering includes:

  • Learning Library:  Our Education Team keeps the Learning Library fresh and relevant in a fast-evolving landscape. BSD’s projects fit technology classes, core-subjects, and enrichment programs.
  • Professional Development:  Empowered teachers make all the difference. Regardless of their experience or subject focus, we develop teachers’ confidence to teach digital skills.Training & Coaching Touchpoints.






Testimonial: Yew Chung International School

BSD has helped us develop our computing curriculum significantly in the years we have collaborated.  They have helped integrate coding skills into curriculum and as a result of these developments, we have been able to launch the IGSE Computer Science course. BSD has provided real flexibility and support which is always tailored to our needs on YCIS, this is greatly appreciated by our staff and students.

 Being part of the BSD network in Hong Kong has developed other technological initiatives, which has enhanced our provision even further”

Ryan Peet, Vice Principal at Yew Chung International School, Hong Kong.

Find the Yew Chung International School Case Study here 


Case study: The Buckley School

When the BSD Education team first met with The Buckley School, they had a fully scoped and sequenced technology curriculum.

What Buckley needed, however, was a way to directly connect students' work to their future success.


BSD provided Buckley with a go-to platform where students build their digital skills and a portfolio housing all of their digital projects. With BSD Online.


To date, Buckley’s students have spent hundreds of hours developing digital skills like coding with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These coding languages will enable them to prepare for and be competitive in future career markets.”

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  • The Online Platform for Teachers And Students is enriched with features that help the teaching and learning process.



  • Implement, learn, adjust, advance, and repeat. Our coaches help teachers build their digital skills capacity and foster a sustainable, continually improving learning environment.




We are very excited to now offer….


Two-year programme Connect2Work, offers a project-based curriculum with work experience,focused on real-world, transferable, digital and technology skills. 

“This program has been designed in collaboration with employers and schools.  Thanks to this collaboration, the course includes core skill areas identified that align with employers’ needs across industries and across job roles.”

This course will allow students to obtain a basic understanding of the fundamental topics in technology:

  • Programming
  • Design
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Data

Each course requires students to practice their skills in project management, as well as communication, digital literacy and citizenship, which is essential to the workplace.

Students will apply skills within a range of industry themes and job activities to prepare them for their future career aligned with their personal interests and higher education / career path.  
The programme comprises 240 hours of taught learning along with 150 hours of Applied Work Experience.



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