Blogging Services


Engage more students and improve your SEO by posting fresh content in your own personal blogging area.

How It Works 3-Easy Steps

  • Activate your Blog Area in your Institution Account Area
  • Add Blog Entries
  • Your Institution Blog will be made live in your Profile Page


Your Institution Blog Area will include:

  • Blog Entries with pictures and/or videos
  • Most Popular Blogs
  • Archived Blogs
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
  • Blog Promotion
  • The 5 Most Popular Educational Institution Blog Entries will be promoted on Unipupil's blog

Promoting your blog posts

Unipupil provides a complimentary service for increasing the visibility of your blog posts. This service allows you to promote your blog posts on Unipupil home page in country/s of your choice.

You can promote your blog entries on a weekly basis on the top fold of the Unipupil home page in your country/s of choice for €1 a week per blog entry per country for up to 26 weeks.(View Featured Blog Sample)

Featured Blog Cost Time Period (Weekly) Country
€1.00 €1.00 €1.00