Australian National University Emeritus Faculty

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Building 1c, 24 Balmain Crescent,Australian National University ACT ,Australia, Canberra 2601,
Australian Capital Territory Australia
In 1999, a group of ANU staff recently retired or approaching retirement resolved to establish a collegiate organisation within the University to provide opportunities for themselves, collectively and individually, and for others of similar inclination, to continue to contribute to the academic and cultural life of the university. They called this organisation Australian National University Emeritus Faculty, referred to from here on as the Emeritus Faculty. The founding group also saw their prospective activities as valuable to the social and intellectual life of the wider community, and likely to enhance the visibility and reputation of ANU. They saw too that the Emeritus Faculty should include those whose association with the ANU was less recent, but welcome by virtue of common interests and values. The Emeritus Faculty saw the activities of its members as complementing those of existing ANU staff and not replacing them in any way. These were the original aims:

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