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Jakub Lemiesz

My name is Jakub. I am a 16-year-old Danish student, trying to determine what my future looks like. I am studying in Frederikshavn business school, where I have chosen globalisation as my course. Language and communication were always the most interesting school subjects for me, so I decided to go with globalisation. After business school I would like to go to Aalborg university and my life after that is yet to be imagined.

Currently, I am interning in Dublin with a group of 29 other students. My internship is part of a school trip that my high school organized and Erasmus+ funded. My friend Victor and I are staying with a host family, in the southern part of Dublin. Our housemother Joan and Father John have taken care of us for the last 3 weeks, as we leave for Denmark on Saturday evening. They welcomed us with open arms and have been kind to us since.

I came to Ireland with the intentions of improving my communicative skills and English in general, so I can fulfil the requirements of my future job.

I wake up early to catch my bus that’s going to “The English Studio Dublin”. In there I get to study business, where I learn everything from meetings to economics. Afterwards I to to my work at Unipupil. My duty there is to write about different educational institutions around the world. As for now, I am writing about primary schools in Manchester.

After all these business-related schools and courses, I am still unsure of what my everyday job will be. One certain thing I know Is that I want my subsequent job to contain language and business. I thought of business travel jobs. With these kinds of jobs, I would have the opportunity of exploring new cultures and meeting new people, which sounds very interesting.

Knowing which future job I want isn’t my biggest concern for the moment, so instead of stressing out I am trying to take all the opportunities I can get and live life, since we only get one life.

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