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Kore University of Enna

Five floors, two more underground floors for parking and archives, 1000 desk places for reading and space for as many as 250,000 books, the new Kore university library has been inaugurated at the Sicilian city of Enna by the Italian Culture Minister Enrico Franceschini as one of the biggest new structures of its kind in Italy.

The architectural design and engineering project for the library's construction were managed directly by the university's faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

The project was monitored by the Anac anti-corruption agency that checked the transparency of all procedures as the university library was developed with university funds advanced by the European Union through its programme of urban renewal earmarked for research bodies.



The Kore university also at its own expense built in front of the library a vast pedestrian area, the "University Square" buring an existing car park to create an architecturally impressive open space square.

The new library include as well 150 computer desk places with links to scientific networks around the world, 800 personal lockers that open with personalised cards and a newspaper library containing print and online publications.



Kore University of Enna
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