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An internship abroad was described by one of our students as “one of the greatest times in my entire life”.  At Irish Education Partners we create life-changing entrepreneurial experiences for our students.

For Agents and Educators  -

Irish Education Partners has been successfully managing work experience programmes for international candidates since 1989; we are now also sending interns abroad.

We provide meaningful internship programmes in Ireland on behalf of international agents, educators and associations, creating and managing comprehensive programmes including accommodation, orientation, certification, transfers, activities and classes.

In 2012 we launched our new outbound division, leveraging our global network to make internships abroad accessible for Irish students and graduates.

Working with Irish colleges and universities, as well as directly with students and graduates, we take care of every detail of internships abroad for Irish candidates

We recently secured EU Erasmus + funding for Irish students and graduates to do internships abroad.

We are always happy to hear from sending and receiving agents and educators to explore how we can work together to create life-enhancing experiences for students and graduates worldwide. We can also provide advice and guidance on how to access Erasmus + funding from your own national agents.

For Students -

Irish Education Partners Students can boost their CV – and their lives – with an internship abroad.  International internship experts since 1989, we are now leveraging our global network of partners and educators to make internships abroad accessible and beneficial for people resident in Ireland and interns.

We work closely with Irish colleges, students and graduates to create worthwhile internship and volunteering experiences worldwide.


Depending on a student’s requirements and the programme, we can:

Get an internship abroad with a vetted host organisation

Organise accommodation convenient to the workplace

Arrange local orientation

Ensure 24/7 local support through our global partner network

Take care of practicalities such as travel arrangements, insurance, visas, airport meet and greet…


Individual students and graduates can create your own experience with our customised internship programmes or a funded internship may be applied for.


Our Employability and Entrepreneurship Programme offers students internships in 4 locations throughout Europe. Funded internships are unpaid, but all preparation, travel and living expenses are covered throughout the placement.

For Colleges and Universities

For colleges and universities, we develop tailored internships to fit in with course dates, accreditation and requirements. We have secured EU Erasmus + funding for Irish participants to gain work experience abroad and would like to develop more funded programs in cooperation with Irish colleges.


I took part in this programme in April-May 2013 and found it to be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience that I would happily recommend to anyone with a passion for being creative and ambitious. IEP were extremely professional, personable and offered great support throughout. I hope to take the skills and knowledge I learned in the programme and build on them in future employment opportunities. Steve Sheehy, Irish Intern on UK internship program

The four week program in the UK was one of the most enjoyable and beneficial months of my life to-date. The program was an excellent opportunity to network with entrepreneurial people from different cultures and develop consulting skills by working on projects for social enterprises globally. Karen, Debbie and all in IEP made the daunting experience of moving to the UK and working there for a month an easy experience providing excellent support. I cannot recommend this program enough! Sean McGeough, Irish Intern on UK internship program 

Working in Corkscrew [UK internship host] for the past month has simply been one of the most worthwhile things I have done in a long time. It enabled me to improve my abilities in business whilst tapping into my creative side with relevant projects relating to Corkscrew and small enterprises.Ronan Kelly, Irish Intern on UK internship program 

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